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Poof! Poof! ... At last I'm back ...
I've been so busy in my job and so had not been able to upload any picture.
I do not know if my watchers do see my work as almost never write me a comment about it.
Anyway, I thank my watchers, for following me, but my works are very bad.
I hope to upload new drawings these days and that they will not offend anyone.
Bye now...
My inspiration and Me 02.
...And I say: Why not?
A few days ago, I saw on television, an interview with a graphic artist; the artist said repeatedly "My inspiration is the beautiful and voluptuous women" ... after presenting works by that artist, were mostly female nudes, for my taste were very vulgar ... and say this is art !!!???
In view of this, I also will say that my main source of inspiration are the handsome  and voluptuous men, Blimey!! Do not you think?;) (Wink) Sweating a little...
The Chepo's super costume

Jose Manuel "Chepo" de la Torre, is now the coach of the "Chivas" of Guadalajara, I wish him good luck.
Even today, for me, the Chepo remains a very attractive man, very sexy, a superman, a superhero.

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This year (like last year), two of my friends and I went on vacation to the beach, We had fun!
My friends are a pair of cheerful girls who like to do many jokes.
Like last year, glad eyes looking sexy men.
We saw several European men, manly and educated That's them!

For my part, I could not take my eyes of a handsome man, perfectly tanned skin, green eyes, hair and graying mustache, a Greek god body and wearing a tiny, tiny, tiny tight red swimsuit ...
That beautiful man!
I saw this man a dive by jumping on the trampoline, he jumping with arms outstretched, his face and mustache to sun, his pecs challenging to the wind, tightening the buttocks, and his tiny, tiny, tiny tight swimsuit red, tucked between him perfect buttocks.
As he fell, seemed to fly him, but that man looked like Superman.
His hands ran into the water and his body entered elegantly in the pool.
Out of the water (to the applause of the public present) his body looked more beautiful than before, a young girl gave him a towel. His mouth and his gray mustache smiled at the girl.
His chest shone with thousands of droplets and his tiny, tiny, tiny tight swimsuit red, seemed be smaller than before, and have become almost clear.
He sat very close to where I was, with drops running all over his body.

A fat woman with large hat and sunglasses, put back the beautiful man and she said she would help him put on suntan lotion.
He looked at me with a smile and let the woman do what she wanted.
Her fingers sink into the chest of him.
I almost laughed when I see those toes tour the European man's torso as she made mischief with the tiny, tiny, tiny, tight red swimsuit, almost clear  from the beautiful man.
She said something in secret in the ear, and he laughed a jolly laugh nodding his head. She pulled several money from a bag, roll up and put the money in his dark pubic and said "So I wait at night, handsome, do not forget to bring your tiny, tiny, tiny, tight swimsuit red ".
He kissed to the obese lady and said goodbye; He stood up and I could see that he had even gotten the roll of bills in his pubis, I could not take my eyes of that thing! And how is it that something as small as his tiny, tiny, tiny, tight red swimsuit covering something as big as this?

He sat back down (with legs wide apart), greeted me and asked me my name with his seductive European accent, chatted for a long time, was incredible to see this man so manly almost completely naked.
Finally, he lay face down and fell asleep with a smile on his gray mustache and I saw the body and perfect tanned buttocks of this man.
I think all women do not take our eyes off this beautiful European man, his gray mustache, his perfect body and his tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny tight swimsuit red, almost clear...
CAPTAIN CHEPO DE LA TORRE 08 by RatitaFutbolera
This is a job for ...!

Can the Chepo make the team "Chivas" get a win?
I do not know, but I wish him good luck.
For me, Chepo will remain one of my ideal man.;) (Wink) Love Heart 
The antics of my grandmothers 01
In the Theater.

My funny grandmothers, who are used to doing what they want, they said they would go to the theater at night.
I thought they would go to hear the opera or a concert or watch a theatrical work and not worry me.

They left it; they were out a couple of hours.
Passing midnight, I heard laughter, returning my grandmothers were very happy.

We ask as had been the Opera, to which they answered me "Opera? What Opera? Look at what we went to see".
It took several photographs, the "Opera" who went to see was not just Opera, was a show where men danced on stage and took off their clothes until fully naked ...

My grandmothers laugh again and finally said showing me a photo of a very handsome man appeared: "We had lots of fun with this man so manly"

Ouch!My dear grannies are tremendous!
Snowing without cold
Winter is almost over! But this winter I almost did not cold.
It's fun watching people, how come some of them harbor well with warm clothes, while other (usually men) want to do the brave, putting little winter clothes ... well ... the friend from the image brought his inner heat and he had no need to put more clothes than necessary.

(Drawing based in part on an image of PLAYGIRL).
Now this is fun!

Yesterday accompanying a very good friend of mine named Betty to a garage where cars are arranged.
While my friend Betty spoke with the man of the workshop on her car breakdowns, I was looking around.

I call attention to two entire walls were plastered with posters which were photographed scantily clad women voluptuous and provocative attitude.

I also saw several drawings (probably made by workers in the workshop) Wow! It's this was quite vulgar!
I've always wondered, Why the hell, the men have to have this kind of photos and drawings in their workplaces forever? Is it a necessity or because they feel insecure about their own gender?
If I draw stuff and similar situations, but the focus is men, some of my male friends get upset with me and tell me that a woman should not draw such things.

But that nonsense!


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M. Rebeka M.G. (REBY)

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XenaStorm Featured By Owner May 18, 2015
¡¡¡Feliz cumpleaños!!! Party Misc Emoji-04 (Happy Birthday) [V1] Lily Wishing a Happy Birthday 
RatitaFutbolera Featured By Owner May 18, 2015
¡Gracias Xena! Debes perdonarme porque todos mis dibujos publicados giran alrededor de los hombres y su cuerpo. Yo sé que son vulgares pero solo son contestacion de situaciones machistas que mi hermana y yo hemos tenido que vivir.
Quisiera que este mundo fuera mas igualitario y que si los hombres dibujan y pintan desnudos femeninos y nadie se escandaliza por ello, asi yo y otras mujeres puedan dibujar y pintar desnudo masculino sin ser vistas como raras.

kokotea Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you very much for the watch <3
it means a lot to me (●´ω`●)
RatitaFutbolera Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2015
You Welcome! Because of you  :)
Crabamoustache Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2014
Even if your artwork is very far from the stuff I usually like, it has his own qualities. So I'll watch you ! :)
RatitaFutbolera Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2014
I am ashamed that you see "my work"Sweating a little... , which is full of feminism "twisted".
I resent all these sexist works (which abound in deviantart), where the woman is presented as a mere object of pleasure.
So I draw the opposite: man as an object of pleasure.
I had problems with deviantart for several drawingsRage  (I'm not ashamed to draw the male body uncensored, but I forget that other people do not accept the male nude (and less made ​​by a woman). :o (Eek) 
I hope you do not get mad at me for this worksWink/Razz 
Crabamoustache Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2014
Hey, I've your artwork months ago ! And I've certainly no problem with what you depict. I like the idea behind your drawings, it's indeed a breath  of fresh air after the legions of bimbos here on Deviantart. Keep on drawing ! :)
RatitaFutbolera Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2014
Thank you, my friend.Hug 
I get angry a lot when I received a request from deviantart, telling many drawings were "porn".
I remove all my work of page and I swear never to return to deviantart; My sister advised me that I should return, just be careful and adapted works and not put them to, that burden too sexual.
Well, I'll try not to violate the laws of this website, to be a "good girl" (very difficult for me).
Thanks again, and until then.:) (Smile) :D (Big Grin) =P (Razz) 
(sorry for the translation, the English is not my language):( (Sad) 
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MigraineSky Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2013  Professional General Artist
muchas gracias por el watch!
SarahharaS1 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2013
Thanks very much for adding me to your watchlist
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